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Digital Crosshairs 1000 Night Vision Customer Review

Digital Crosshairs 1000
Digital Crosshairs 1000

Green Cove Springs, Florida

Ron K., a happy Digital Crosshairs 1000 night vision hog hunter in Florida sent this review in! or call 404-590-6513

After two years taking out 100 pounders…we feed them.
We decided to take out current breeding boars for some new breeding stock.
Both taken out by your NV units.Friend borrowed my NV unit.

Inline image

And this is me…I have used your NV unit going on 2 plus years and taken out over 40 hogs slectively.Never had a missed shot either!

Hog taken with Digital Crosshairs 1000 night vision clip-on
Night vision rifle scope clip-on - Digital Crosshairs 1000
Digital Crosshairs night vision clip-on

Order now at: or call 404-590-6513

Digital Night Vision With Wearable Display

Digital FOV is the first company to release a wireless wearable night vision display. This wireless LED will attach to any eye glasses or shooting glasses and display any scope’s field of view on a near-eye micro display.

Now shoot from any position or around corners with accuracy. With this accessory to Digital Crosshairs 1000 night vision clip-on, any scope can now have a near-eye display.

Wearable display for Digital Crosshairs 1000

This wearable accessory is great for night time hog hunting, coyote hunting, predator hunting or self defense in dark situations. By replacing the scope mounted LCD, a shooting can remain totally stealth.

Learn more at or call 404-590-6513

Digital Crosshairs 1000 Night Vision Clip-on

The near-eye display can be used with or used to replace the Digital Crosshairs 1000 rail attached LCD display. This is an exciting upgrade accessory which can be added to any Digital Crosshairs 1000 or 1000R night vision clip-on.

Digital Crosshairs 1000 adds extreme low light and IR night vision to any scope. Mounted on the average scope you can see hundreds of yards into the shadows at dusk and dawn, around 200 yards in total darkness. The system comes with a rail mounted 4.3 inch display for targeting. You can use this wireless near-eye display to replace this display for total stealth. You will see your scope’s crosshairs and still have your peripheral vision . Shoot around corners with this if you need to! You can also view and record on an Android smart phone.

WWW.DIGITALCROSSHAIRS.NET or call 404-590-6513

Night vision rifle scope clip-on - Digital Crosshairs 1000
Digital Crosshairs night vision clip-on

What’s New?

At Digital FOV we are always working on new ideas and trying to improve products that we have.  Unlike some companies that sell multiple version of the same product with various capabilities (basic – better – best)  we always put our best technology into every unit.  As the technology allows, we improve our base units to include the best we can offer.  Our Digital Crosshairs 1000 units are made to be upgraded easily.  When technology advances we will offer upgrades, not try to just sell you a new unit.


IR Night Vision Filter Add-on – Get HD full color in daylight

IR filter for Digital Crosshairs 1000

Just insert this filter into the clip-on during daylight shooting for full HD color viewing. It must be removed to use system for IR night vision shooting.