Thermal Or Digital Night Vision

Thermal night vision is considered the Cadillac of night hunting toys but is it worth the price?

A lot of hunters are wondering if they should buy thermal or digital night vision.  Some times you can spend more to get more of what you don’t really need or want.  This might be the case for some hunters.

If you compare thermal, intensifier tube, and digital night vision side by side many of the experts will look at the stats and proclaim the high end thermal the clear winner for night hunting. The other choice might be Gen 3 if you are looking for a military grade device.  Who would not want to be able to see a racoon at 300 yards in the dark?

For the practical guys and gales on a budget that just want to see a hog or raccoon at 50 to 150 yards, low cost digital night vision is my recommendation.  What ever you do, stay away from the Gen 1 junk that is on the market at similar price points.

Our Digital Crosshairs night vision clip-ons do the job well for most hunters and is comparable to Gen 2+ for a cost around $600.

Are your night vision shots under 150 yards? Why spend thousands on a thermal or Gen 3 units that see hundreds of yards if you are not shooting that far?

Are you hunting in a wooded area?  Thermal can not see brush and small branches.  You would not know it is behind brush and might need to.

Intensifier tube technology known as Gen 1-3 has a large foot print on your weapon that you may not want.

The Digital Crosshairs scope night vision adapter can be mounted on any scope in minutes so you can use any gun in your collection that has a scope for night hunting. Scopes dedicated to one gun means you can not hunt raccoon with your 22 cal. tonight and hogs with your 308 cal. tomorrow with out re-sighting.

Digital Crosshairs day & night view
Digital Crosshairs scope clip-on day and night vision view  –

What ever choice you make, happy hunting!

from Digital FOV, LLC