Cheap Night Vision For Hunting

So you are looking for a cheap night vision solution for hunting?  A quick search on the internet will provide you with lots of links to cheap Gen 1 rifle scopes and night vision monoculars but buyers be ware!.  Gen 1 night vision is 1960’s technology you should stay away from.

The other choice for someone on a budget is digital night vision.  The price may compare with Gen 1 but the results are much better and in our opinion closer to Gen 2+.  What does that mean to a hunter?  Well expect to be seeing pray 100 to 150 yards out in the dark.

Digital Crosshairs night vision scope clip-on
Digital Crosshairs Night Vision Clip-on

DIYers in the UK have been attaching video surveillance night vision cameras to rifle scopes for years and getting pretty good results. But if you are looking for a cleaner solution we have one you might want to have a look at.

Video surveillance cameras use miniture CCD and CMOS sensors boards that can convert invisible IR light into a visible black and white image on a display.  All digital night vision rifle scopes use that same technology.  Most scope manufacturers build a micro near eye display into the eye piece of their digital scopes.  A few products like Digital Crosshairs add an LCD display to the rifle scope instead of a micro display in the scope’s eye piece.  Either way they are using the same fundamental IR sensors technology.  Using the new digital night vision sensors enable manufacturers to produce good quality night vision scopes at affordable prices.  The CCD technology from companies like Sony are producing results that challenge even Gen 2+ traditional night vision scopes that cost thousands of dollars.

Sony Effie camera board used in Digital Crosshairs 7SE night vision clip-on
Sony Effie 700TVL camera and lens used in Digital Crosshairs 7SE night vision clip-on found at

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