The Night Vision Experience

Digital Crosshairs 1000 give you a night vision hunting experience with any standard rifle scope!

Digital Crosshairs 1000

Digital Crosshairs 1000

Converts a standard rifle scope into a digitally enabled IR night vision scope with 4.3 inch LCD monitor for targeting.   

With this digital scope adapter you can get 200+ yards night vision with a standard scope.  The kit comes with an 850nm focusable long range IR illuminator.  This illuminator uses the Oslon Black emitter which easily throws an IR beam 200 yards.

Digital Crosshairs 1000 also add extreme low light capabilities to your scope for the twilight hunt at dusk and dawn.  You will be amazed at the visibility with a standard scope and no IR assistance.

Accurate scope targeting from any eye position!  

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Can use for day or night vision hunting
Day and Night Vision View

Our 850nm zoomable long range IR illuminator enables incredibly clear black and white night vision.  Don’t spook them with lights.

Digital Crosshair’s  Picatinny Rail mounted LCD monitor is unique to the industry.  Mount LCD on any rail.  

Optional DVR recorder.


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