Night Vision Scope for Hunting

Night Vision Scope for Hunting

Digital Crosshairs day & night view
Digital Crosshairs scope clip-on day and night vision view

Now you have a choice of affordable new night vision scope for hunting.

Did you ever think that your rifle would have an LCD monitor for targeting?  Tanks, military ships, and fighter jet guns have used monitors for targeting for years.  Now low cost circuit board camera technology has enabled us to add digital video to any rifle scope for targeting in day light or total darkness.  The purpose of technology advancements is to lower cost.  Don’t be fooled by the high cost of the older Gen 1-4 technology. Price does not always mean quality.  Technology simply lowers cost by definition.


So how is that possible?  At Digital FOV we market a rifle scope clip-on that converts a standard rifle scope into a digital night vision rifle scope with a rail mounted LCD monitor.  For some traditionalist this is a bit much.  It changes all the rules related to shouldering a rifle and proper eye position behind the scope.

With our rifle scope clip on, you are looking through the scope in the correct eye position no matter what angle you are viewing  the scope from.  Why?  Because the Digital Crosshairs eyepiece is attached and always giving you a view directly down the barrow of the scope.  Put it in the cross hairs and shoot.  It is that simple.

Want to see the future?  Digital Crosshairs night vision clip-on.  Night hunting without having to sell your pay thousands!

Digital FOV for affordable quality night vision taking you into the future at an affordable price the other guys really hate!  for night vision clip-ons at $600 or less.

Digital Crosshairs night vision scope clip-on
Digital Crosshairs Night Vision Clip-on

Optional Monocular




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