New IR Night Vision Clip-on

Digital Crosshairs gives you Generation 2+ quality night vision at affordable prices. The new digital IR technology makes night vision affordable for everyone.

Digital Crosshairs Night Vision Clip-on A revolution in affordable IR night vision

Ready for night hunting? We turn your favorite scoped rifle, crossbow, or pistol into a digital IR night vision scoped weapon with Gen 2+ capabilities. No re-sighting. Use our product for night hunting or day time hunting. Small, light, and easy to mount on any gun! We use state of the art IR camera board technology to provide great hog, coyote, raccoon, and predator night hunting for prices in the hundreds not thousands of dollars like our competitors.

The Future Of Night Vision Is Here Today!

Digital Crosshairs night vision brings the equivalent of Gen 2+ in digital IR night vision to your standard rifle scope at an affordable price. Mounts on your scope in minutes. Use it on all your scoped weapons day or night! Why buy one night vision scope when we can turn all of your scoped guns into night vision weapons in minutes with no re-sighting required?

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The Technology Keeps Getting Better

Digital Crosshairs puts an LCD display on your weapon that enhances your day time shooting and provides Gen 2+ night vision on all your scopes, crossbow, pistol, and rifles. No re-sighting, just mount in minutes and go!

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